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Bump Proof Locks & Locksmith Service in Brooklyn NY.

BKLYN LOCKSMITH Bump Proof Locksmith Services - Our locksmith will remove old locks, and will replace it with a new Bump Proof lock installation (Smart Lock) you will get the best price and product with BKLYN LOCKSMITH.

We will install the most current and up to date Bump Proof Locks on your door. We have a lot of experience in the field which will give you the best Bump Proof Locksmiths in park slope. After our locksmith completes his work you will be guaranteed a minimum of six months service if anything is not to your likings.


The bypassing of pin and tumbler locks for legal purposes. One such technique is called “bumping.” Lock bumping, also referred to as key bumping is an attack technique using specially cut keys that can defeat conventional pin and tumbler locks. Unfortunately but now Lock Bumping is being for non legal reason as well


State and federal laws prohibit the distribution of “locksmithing devices” to anyone other than lock manufacturers or others with a recognized legal purpose. We offer a SmartKey technology and the patented bump-guard feature all designed with high-security in mind.

Our Solution to the Problem

A high-security Deadbolt which features SmartKey™ technology and BumpGuard™. The patented design of SmartKey provides enhanced protection against lock bumping! The BumpGuard component of a SmartKey lock incorporates a patented side locking bar which replaces the traditional pin and tumbler design, to provide protection against lock-bumping techniques.

Another innovative feature of SmartKey technology is that it gives you the ability to re-key your lock in less than 30 seconds while still providing superior key bumping security. Now, with SmartKey technology, if you are concerned about a lost or unauthorized duplication of your key, you can simply replace the key and not the lock.

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