Find an affordable Locksmith In Brooklyn NY

So how can you spot the expensive locksmiths? And how know who's not?

here is our tips in a list, counting from 1-8

1. all the ads that you see in top positions usually means that if you are calling one of them you will pay more then if you would call the once from the side, as seen in the image below. So why is that ? Well its very simple those ads that are on the top pay as much as $100 per click and thats just crazy and they do that because some locksmiths companies wants to get rid of the smaller competition so they are trying to scare them away because they have a bigger budget and can afford to pay that kind of money.

But can you guess who pays the last bill on it ? YOU! And it is only because we all think that if they are in the top position they are going to the best job for me and the best product and price, well that just not whats happening anymore, what will happen is that you will get the cheapest locks and the someone bill attached to it, you see dont forget that someone needs to pay the advertising fee and that someone is you.

Now on the other hand the advertisers that are showing on the right most times just have a small private locksmith business with a passion to the craft and take pride of their work not their position on search engines, and its they that do the best job for their customers and provide a solid product and they dont need to over price you, and do you know why ? Yes, thats right they pay a reasonable price to show up on the right side of googles ads and they are fine with it.

That was tip number one if you like this tip please comment below and send to a friend, we will post tip number 2 just after we get a chance to see what people think of our first time till then im Adam from the BKLYN Locksmith s team.


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